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HOP® and Fitness4x4® at SENI SHOW 2014

Those who have been around the HOP® for some time will know that Fitness4x4® has a longstanding relationship with the International Combat & Fitness show known as ‘SENI’, an expo where we staged the first ever UK DraganChallenge back in 2006.

Now 8 years on, we are heading back to SENI once again! On the 13th-14th of September, Fitness4x4 has been invited to stage a series of new challenges and demonstrations to promote The HOP® & 4×4 training method to the martial arts world and the thousands of fitness enthusiasts who will be passing through their gates over the course of the weekend.

SENI 2014
SENI 2014

This time around the Main Challenge is going to be built around a condensed version of the HOP® workout, set to the new RockHOP™ soundtrack,  aimed at BLASTING the HOP® directly into the minds & consciousness of every spectator, in a way that will leave them itching to try out this amazing workout, or become instructors themselves.  And as a key part of the stage show we are going to put together an impressive team of HOP® Instructors to perform an even more impressive Live DEMO of the HOP®workout!!

HOP® Workout
HOP® Workout

Dragan Radovic - Fitness4x4 founder
Dragan Radovic – Fitness4x4 founder

Joining us for the weekend will be Fitness4x4® Founder Dragan Radovic, who will be hosting a power-packed seminar at the event and demonstrating the version of 4×4 that has allowed him to once again achieve peak fitness and incredibly break NEW records despite turning 65 this year!

The event will be a chance to meet Dragan, as well as network with fellow HOP Instructors & the HOP Team.

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