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Escape Fitness sponsors dumbbells for the Dragan Challenge

Dragan Challenge with ESCAPE Fitness
Dragan Challenge with ESCAPE Fitness
Dragan Challenge with ESCAPE Fitness

ESCAPE fitness, makers of high quality fitness training equipment, are now the official sponsors of the Dragan Challenge – the sister workout programme alongside Hour of Power.

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The Dragan Challenge is in some ways the slower, simpler version of the Hour of Power, in that it revolves around just one of the movements from the Hour of Power class.

The benefit of this – you can use a much heavier weight and build much more strength! It also allows a person to focus exclusively on the upper body for that portion of their workout, whereas the Hour of Power is always Full Body training.

However, don’t be fooled. The Dragan Challenge still fits very much within the Fitness4x4 concept of Full body training (as does the Hour of Power). Both methods recognise that there aren’t one, but TWO forms of CardioVascular fitness – Upper Body Cardio Fitness and Lower Body Cardio Fitness. In the Hour of Power the choice is to develop both simultaneously. In the Dragan Challenge, the emphasis is on targetting the upper body’s Cardio Capacity to try to make it catch-up with the typically superior Lower Body.

But in the end, the final goal is the same. A strong, lean, high-endurance body with a balanced level of fitness in the upper and lower halves. What more could a person ask for?